Required Texts


* Gao Xingjian. Soul Mountain. Harper Perennial, 2001. ISBN 0-06-093623-1

* Gu Hua. A Small Town Called Hibiscus. Panda Books, 1983. ISBN-10: 0-8351-1074-5

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* Lu Hsun. Selected Stories. Norton, 2003; ISBN 978-039-3008-487

* Pa Chin. Family. Cheng & Tsui, 1976. ISBN 0-917056-40-X

* Yu Hua. To Live. trans. by Michael Berry; Random House, 2003. ISBN 1-4000-3186-9

On closed reserve in Andrew Library:

Denton, Kirk. ed. Modern Chinese Literary Thought; Writings on Literature, 1893-1945. Stanford University Press, 1996. (MCLT)

Tang, Xiaobing. ed. Politics, Ideology, and Literary Discourse. Duke University, 1993 (PILD)

Ng, Mau-sang. The Russian Hero in Modern Chinese Fiction. 1988, Hong Kong University Press

The rest of the reading material should be available in either Word or pdf format at the page for tentative schedule for this course. You can either read it online or download and print the text.